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Paphos Airport Car Hire

Renting a car at Paphos airport has become very popular as it's a relatively cheap and an efficient means of transportation across the island. It's especially popular if you are planning to go somewhere outside of the main cities as it would be difficult to get there using public transport.

Although public transport has improved across Cyprus over the years, it is still very limited. The island doesn't have any rail network, so you only have a choice of a bus or taxi. The bus service is still not the best, but there are regular buses now between the airport and Paphos city centre, and taxis are not that cheap, hence why hiring a car is popular.

Suppliers are the Airport

At the airport there are several car hire suppliers that have a desk inside the terminal building. These are all located in the arrivals lobby, and as you enter the lobby from the baggage reclaim area you will find them situated on your left.

The suppliers you will find in the terminal include the following:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • DriveCyprus
  • Europcar
  • Firefly
  • Get Your Car
  • Green Motion
  • Hertz
  • Payless
  • Sixt

Other that these, there are also suppliers outside of the airport who will bring the car to you, or collect you, and take you to the car. These suppliers include Aida, Alamo, Dollar, Enterprise, Flizzr, Kem, Surprice and Whiz.

In Terminal suppliers have the added convenience that they are easy to locate and you can fill out all the paperwork at their desk, but their prices could include a slight premium.

The price you would expect to pay depends largely on the time of year, the duration of your booking and the type of vehicle you require. As an example, for the smallest economical car in low season you would pay around €10.00 per day, and €13.00 per day in high season. A larger vehicle such as a Ford Mondeo will cost around €25.00 per day in low season and €33.00 per day in high season, and for a 7 seater minivan you would expect to pay around €55.00 per day. The price is relatively similar all year round for this type of vehicle.

If you want to get the best deal, it's always recommended to pre-book your vehicle.

Pre-Booked Car Hire

Pre-booking a rental has many advantages, with the foremost benefit being the price. It's true that making a reservation on arrival comes at a premium price, so the only way to avoid this is by making a reservation in advance by phone or online.

It's not just about the price through. If you arrive at the terminal at have to go to each of the 9 suppliers to find out their prices, it will take time, and if there are queues it could take hours. Your passengers will also not be happy waiting as there is not much to see in the arrivals hall. You could just go to one supplier and hire the first car you see, but as your luck has it, it will likely be the most expensive of all the suppliers.

How about if you are in a group of 7 or more, or would like to hire a more luxurious car? These types of vehicle are very limited and most of the time are sold out in advance. Suppliers will be able to offer you small or economical cars for last minute bookings, but anything larger is unlikely.

These are just a few points, but I'm sure you can the advantages and why 90% of bookings are all make in advance now.

To pre-book you can call the supplies directly or visit their website (details can be find on the links below), or you visit the many comparison websites that are available today. We also have our own comparison engine where you can search and compare prices on the form above.

Documents Required

When you come to collect your car, ensure you have the necessary documents with you. If you fail to supply any of the required documents the supplier will not release the vehicle and your deposit will not be refunded.

What you need to bring:

  • Your driving licence, and for any other named drivers.
  • Your booking voucher
  • A credit card with sufficient credit to cover the excess amount

The most common reason for being refused a car is due to a credit card. Many people think a debit card is acceptable, but it isn't, or there is insufficient credit left on a credit card to cover the excess, so ensure you check this before you depart (if needed, bring 2 credit cards). The credit card must also be in the main driver's name, the credit card of your passenger will not be sufficient.

A Few Tips…

  • To avoid the queues at the car hire desks, let the non-driver wait in the baggage reclaim area to collect the luggage whilst the driver goes and gets the car.
  • Remember to have everyone's driving license who are a named driver.
  • Car hire at Paphos is a very competitive, so shop around to get the best deal.
  • Suppliers offering a full-to-empty fuel policy may appear cheap, but they charge a premium on fuel. It's always best to choose a full-to-full fuel policy if it's available.
  • To ensure you get the type of vehicle you require and to get the best price, book as far in advance as possible.
  • Charges are on a 24 hours basis, so booking a car for 25 hours will cost you the same as booking for 48 hours. Saving that extra hour will save one day's fee.
  • When you make a book take into account the luggage you have. Booking a 4 seater car which is only capable of carrying one suitcase may not be sufficient.
  • Ensure you book all the extras you need, such as child seats, at the time of your booking.
  • Air-conditioning is a must all year round, so make sure your vehicle comes with it.
  • Take the time to thoroughly check your vehicle for any scratches or damage, and if you notice anything, make sure it's recorded with the supplier before you leave.
  • Consider taking out the excess insurance cover to reduce your liability to zero, or obtain a policy online.
  • Familiarise yourself with the controls of vehicle before setting off. Turning on your window screen wipers when trying to turn right or left is not helpful to other road users.