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Paphos Airport Departures

The table above shows live data of all aircraft's that will depart from Paphos airport. If there are any delays to outgoing flights the status of the flight will be marked with the word 'delayed' and the departure time will be adjusted accordingly.

If you are dropping a passenger off at the airport then the information on our parking at the airport page may be useful. It tells you where you can drop off passengers for free, or where you can park and how much it will cost of you wish to leave your vehicle and see your passenger off.

Baggage Information

For passengers flying out of the airport, it is import that you are aware of the rules for hand and hold luggage. All baggage items should only belong to yourself and you should never accept parcels or packages from anyone else unless you have checked the contents yourself. In the event that are carry something for someone else, and have checked its contents, you must declare it at the check-in or bag drop desk.

Items which you can carry on board or place in your hold luggage are also restricted. Here is a list of restricted items:

  • Acid
  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Firearms (and toy guns)
  • Gas cartridges / refills
  • Knives
  • Lighter fuel
  • Lighters
  • Mercury
  • Paint
  • Weapons, or items that could potential be used as a weapon

Check-In Guidelines

If you are flying out of the airport then you should note that the check-in desks usually open 2 hours before a flight is scheduled to depart, and will close between 30 minutes and 1 hours before it departs. The guidelines may vary slightly by airliner, so it's always recommended to check your airliner ticket or ask the airliner for their policy. If you arrive after the desk closes, you may be prevent from boarding the plane.

There are 24 check-in desks located in the departure area of the airport. You should follow the signs for departures when you enter the terminal building and processed to the correct desk number for your flight. Desk numbers are given on overhead monitors in the terminal, and when you arrive at the desk ensure you have all your travel documents with you, including your passport, ticket or booking confirmation, and visa for your destination country (if applicable).

Most airliners that depart Paphos offer the option to check-in online, which allows you to choose your seat and print off your boarding card. If you decide to do this, this service is usually available from 48 hours until 3 hours before you flight is scheduled to depart, but your airliner will notify you when you book your tickets. If you have checked-in online, and have baggage, proceed to the Bag Drop desk for your airliner to drop off your luggage. You will still need to present your passport and boarding pass at this desk.

After you have checked-in, you can make your way to Passport Control and Security Screening and then enter the departure lounge to wait for your flight.

Passport Control & Security Screening

When you go through passport control ensure you have your passport and travel documents on hand and your passport is valid for the duration of your trip. It is recommended that the expiry date is greater than 6 months so you don't have any issue when you arrive.

At the security screening you will be asked to place your hand luggage on a carousel that passes through an x-ray machine to ensure you are carrying nothing forbidden. At this point you will be asked to remove your laptop from your luggage, if you have one, and any other electrical equipment from your hand luggage or pockets and have them scanned separately. You may also be asked to remove your shoes or belt.

Due to the threat of liquid explosives, there are strict rules for taking liquids, gels and aerosols on board your flight. There is of 100 ml limit per items and a total limit of 1 litre combined, and all liquids must be placed in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of approximately 20 cm x 20 cm and be presented at the security screening point for examination.

Departure Lounge & Shops

After you have passed all the screening, you will be able to relax, shop or eat in the departure lounge and await your flight. There are multiple overhead screens in the departure lounge where you can keep track of your flight, and find the boarding gate number to proceed to when your flight is ready to be boarded.

There are not many shops in the departure lounge, but you will find a Perfumery and Cosmetics department covering 1,000 sqm, a shop called Kypriaka of souvenirs of Cyprus as well as the following food and drinks places:

  • Central Bar
  • Food Village
  • Kafenio
  • Caffe Ritazza
  • Costa Coffee