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Paphos Airport Transfers & Taxis

Taxis are available from the designated taxi rank that is located outside of the terminal building, and they operate on a 24 hour basis at the airport. All taxis are governed by the Ministry of Communications and Works in Cyprus and they have legal guidelines which they must obey. Some obligations include the compulsory use of a taxi meter for every journey and to provide a receipt if the passenger requests one.

Taxi fares are set by the government, so all taxis will charge the same price. There are 2 different rate sets, one for the day time which is from 06:00 to 20:30, and the other for night time. The night rate is from 20:31 to 05:59. Drivers are also allowed to add surcharges for luggage, a journey on a public holiday, and a charge for waiting in traffic. The charges are as follow for the day rate:

  • Initial charge: €3.42
  • Fare: €0.73 per kilometre
  • Waiting time: €13.66 per hour
  • Luggage surcharge: €1.20
  • Public holiday surcharge: €1.96

Night rate charges are as follows:

  • Initial charge: €4.36
  • Fare: €0.85 per kilometre
  • Waiting time: €15.71 per hour
  • Luggage surcharge: €1.20
  • Public holiday surcharge: €1.96

Based on these figures, the fee you would expect to pay when travelling from the airport to popular destinations are as follows:

  • To Paphos City Centre: €14.08 day rate / €16.77 night rate.
  • To Coral Beach Area: €24.30 day rate / €28.67 night rate.
  • To Polis: €42.77 day rate / €50.18 night rate.
  • To Limassol City Centre: €46.27 day rate / €54.26 night rate.
  • To Nicosia City Centre: €106.35 day rate / €124.21 night rate.
  • To Larnaca City Centre: €95.40 day rate / €111.46 night rate.
  • To Larnaca Airport: €94.67 day rate / €110.61 night rate.
  • To Ayia Napa City Centre: €126.79 day rate / €148.81 night rate.

Please note: the above charges assume there is no waiting in traffic, no luggage and the journey is not on a public holiday. Fees will be greater is any of these are applicable.

An important point to consider is most taxis only carry 4 passengers. If you travel in a larger taxi that can carry 5 or 6 passenger, the fee will increased by 20% for a total 5 passengers, and 40% when carrying 6 passengers.

To ensure passengers receive a high quality service, there is a team dedicated to dealing with customer complaints. If you feel you have something to complain about, obtain a receipt from the driver which will give you the registration number of the vehicle and drivers name, then call the department of road transport on +357 22807000 to make your complaint. Lines are open between 08:00 and 14:00 Monday to Friday.

Private Transfers

Private transfers are another form of transportation you could consider. They offer a door-to-door server similar to taxis, but have a larger selection of vehicles that you can be transported in. They can also offer specialist vehicles which are wheelchair approved, and also more luxurious vehicles such as a Mercedes E Class or an Audi A6.

You can pre-book a transfer online so you will have the added convenience of someone waiting for you at the meeting point in the terminal, and the fees quoted will be fixed. There will be no surcharges for luggage or waiting in traffic which you are subject to in a taxi.

One of the most popular companies offering this service is Shuttle Direct. You can compare their prices and book online at, or use the Private Transfers form on this page.