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Paphos Airport Parking

The airports official parking has the capacity to hold around 800 vehicles and there are parking facilities for short term and long term parking, and well as spaces for disabled drivers. There is also a stopping area for passenger pick-up and drop off.

If you are a disabled driver then there are 18 spaces located in front of the terminal building which are much larger than traditional parking spaces, and anyone with a Blue Parking Card can park in them for up to 2 hours free of charge. There are also additional disabled spaces in the short and long term car parks, but these are not free.

The car parks are located directly opposite the terminal building, and as you exit the terminal you will first see the stopping area for passenger pick-up and drop-off, this is followed by the bus park and then the short term parking. At the far end, you will come to the long term car park area.

Dropping off or Picking up a Passenger

As you enter the airport by road you will see directions to the pick-up and drop-off area. This area is a road in front of the terminal with spaces either side. It is not so much for parking, it's a space where you can quickly stop to collect or drop off passengers, and as so, there are restriction in this area.

You should be aware of the following:

  • Stopping is only permitted of 1 minute.
  • Drivers must remain with their vehicle at all times (you cannot get out to assist passengers with baggage).
  • Stopping in this area is free of charge.

If you park in this area or leave a vehicle unattended, your vehicle can be towed away and you will incur a fine of €85.00 to reclaim it. If you are waiting for a passenger to land, or if you want to assist or wait for a passenger to depart, you cannot stop in this area. You must use the short term car park.

Short Stay Parking

The short term car park is just a 1 minute walk from terminal building and is directly opposite the terminal entrance/exit. It is an ideal place to stop for a few hours whilst you wait for a passenger or if you are flying out and returning within 24 hours.

This car park is uncovered and works by a number plate recognition system, therefore it is unmanned so you can keep your own keys. It is frequently patrolled though so your car will be safe. There are a few disabled spaced in this car park too, but if you are only stopping for less than 2 hours, it is better to use the free spaces in front of the terminal building.

The current charges are as follows:

  • 0-20 minutes - €1.50
  • 21-40 minutes - €3.00
  • 41-60 minutes - €4.50
  • 1-2 hours - €6.00
  • 2-4 hours - €7.00
  • 4-6 hours - €8.00
  • 6-12 hours - €9.00
  • 12-24 hours - €10.00

You cannot pre-book tickets for short term parking.

Long Stay Parking

The official on-airport long stay parking is a 1 to 2 minute walk from the terminal, and just beyond the short term parking area. There are 2 different long term parking areas, the first is the uncovered parking and the other is covered parking. When you enter the airport take note of the signs, as the entrance to each of the long term parking areas are different.

The uncovered parking area is the cheapest option of the two but they both offer the same facilities. Both types are unmanned but frequently controlled by security guard which allows you keep your own keys, and they both work by a number plate recognition system.

If you are disabled and hold a Blue Parking Card, you will find 6 PRM (Persons with Reduced mobility) spaces in the covered parking area and 22 in the uncovered area.

The prices for the uncovered area are as follows:

  • 0-24 hours - €10.00
  • Additional days - €4.00

The prices for the uncovered area are as follows:

  • 0-24 hours - €12.00
  • Additional 4 days – €9.00 per day
  • After the 5th day – €6.00 per day

You can pre-book online for long term parking here and save around 30% on the prices above.

Private Operators for Long Term Parking

In addition to the official long term parking, there are a number of private companies who offer long term parking close to the airport. They will require a shuttle bus to travel to and from the airport, but they are typically free when you park with them. The shuttles are either frequent or on demand, and you just wait for them in the bus park.

The prices are the main advantage as they are typically cheaper but still off equal or better security. Some of these operators include:

  • Auto Air Park – They are 2.0 kilometres from the airport and transfers are 7 minutes.
  • SF Paphos - They are 2.9 kilometres from the airport and transfers are 5 minutes
  • theGreenParking - They are 2.8 kilometres from the airport and transfers are 3 minutes
  • Paphos Park n Fly - They are 2.1 kilometres from the airport and transfers are 2 minutes
  • Stop and Fly Meet and Greet - They are 7.6 kilometres from the airport, collect your car from the airport and valet it for your return.

You can compare or book tickets with these supplies by using the form at the top of this page.