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Paphos Airport Arrivals

The table above shows live data of aircrafts which are arriving at Paphos airport. Most flights will arrive on time, but if there are any delays the status column will show 'delayed' and the new estimated time of arrival time will be shown.

If you are waiting for a passenger to arrive, there is a short term car park where you can park, and a meeting point in the terminal to wait. If you only want to collect your passenger, there is a collection point where you can stop for free, but your passenger must be waiting for you in this area. There are restricts in this area, so for more information view the parking rules on this page.

Baggage Reclaim & Lost Luggage

After you have arrived at the airport and passed Passport Control, you will enter the baggage reclaim area where you can collect your luggage. There are 3 reclaim carousels and each has a monitor indicating the flight number of the luggage which is on the belt. Ensure you remember your flight member and wait for your luggage.

Before you exit the baggage reclaim area make sure you have all your luggage and cross check to ensure each item belongs to you. Once you have left the reclaim area you and not allowed to re-entry. Any luggage that is unclaimed will be kept safe by the Handling Agent of each airliner and it can be reclaimed by providing your ID and travel documents.

If you luggage is not on the carousel or if you have left anything on the airplane, you must contact your airliner or the Ground Handling Company in the airport. They will require your ID and an address you are staying so your luggage or lost items can be delivered.

You can call the airport on +357 26007494 if you have lost items or luggage.

Customs Allowance

When arriving at Paphos airport, you should be aware of the allowances on the quantity and value of goods you can bring into Cyprus. These limits will depend on the country you are coming from.

Below is a list the most common items imported and the allowance for each.

Arrivals from the European Union

  • No more than 800 cigarettes
  • No more than 200 cigars
  • No more than 1 kg of smoking tobacco
  • No more than 10 litres of spirits over 22% proof
  • No more than 20 litres of spirits less than 22% proof
  • No more than 90 litres of wine (sparkling wine only 60 litres)
  • No more than 110 litres of beer

Arrivals from outside of the European Union

  • No more than 200 cigarettes
  • No more than 50 cigars
  • No more than 250 g of smoking tobacco
  • No more than 1 litres of spirits over 22% proof
  • No more than 2 litres of spirits less than 22% proof
  • No more than 2 litres of wine
  • No more than 16 litres of beer

Please not that these allowances are for personal use only. You must declare all goods that are for commercial use.

There are also restriction on the amount of cash or gold you bring or take out of the country. The allowance is up to €10,000 or equivalent value in other currencies. If you have cash or gold exceeding this amount it must be declared at customs.

There are a few items that are prohibited in Cyprus, there include:

  • Natural fruits and flowers
  • All meat that originated outside of the European Union
  • All milk products excluding powdered infant milk

Onwards Journey

If you need to make your own way to your destination then there are a few transport options available, including buses, taxis, private transfers or by renting a car.

You can find out more about these transportation method on the links below.